Brittany Chmura | Piercing Artist

As a young child Brittany was always fascinated with every type of body modification. At age 15 she started heavily studying the anatomy of the body as well as the culture and history of the subject. The more knowledge she had the more fascinated she became. She ventured out, and upon obtaining the proper equipment, performed her first piercing… on herself. After the procedure she was confident that she would one day make a career out of it.

During High school she earned her first certification in C.P.R and First Aid while attending honors art courses. While pursuing an art degree at Erie Community College, she began to pierce professionally in the city of Buffalo. After three years she took her work to Texas, where she provided her piercing services for almost a year before eventually returning to Buffalo.

Britt is also a decorated tattoo enthusiast, and one day hopes to expand her body art/modification potential by becoming a tattoo artist.

When she is not piercing at the shop, Britt likes to spend her time drawing, reading, taking part in epic adventures, and hanging out with her lavish cat G.G. Allin.

She also enjoys art, nature, vegetables, and moustaches.

You can contact Britt on her Facebook account, or send her a message at